Frequently Asked Questions

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Dr. Laura A. Siminoff and Dr. Heather M. Gardiner, two nationally and internationally recognized researchers and experts in communication about organ and tissue donation.

Currently, the CEaD is available at no cost after registering for an account. We hope to make the CEaD-VCA available in early 2022.

The CEaD-VCA is part of the Communicating Effectively about Donation training program, which features the use of effective communication techniques in donation discussions with families. Evidence-based research conducted over the past 25 years shows that more effective communication increases authorization rates to as high as 92% for some users. National tests of the CEaD have improved the quality of the donation discussion and ensured that families have enough information to make informed decisions.
The CEaD Training takes 1-2 hours to complete. The CEaD-VCA training takes about 3 hours to complete.
No. You have the option of saving your session and returning where you left off.
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